Sweetie bracelets are some of the most popular jewellery pieces today. Looking a little like the candy bracelets that little girls wear and eat, these real versions aren’t edible but they are certainly stylish. While these were originally trendy with younger women in their twenties, they are now worn by women of all ages and even younger girls and teenagers.

One big draw of the sweetie bracelets is that they allow the wearer to create a unique style and look. With all the materials and charms available it is possible to put together a one of a kind bracelet. The bracelets come in gold, silver, and mixtures like gold and silver or gold and rhodium. There are some bracelets that have precious gems or stones including amethyst, rose quartz, freshwater pearls and turquoise. There are even special event bracelets like the Wimbledon bracelet with a red strawberry.

Wearers can add charms to their sweetie bracelets for even more customisation. There are all kinds of charms to fit any person or occasion. Wimbledon Removals There are traditional letter initials as well as birthday charms. For the shoe lover there are charms in clogs and walking shoes as well as glamorous pumps and open-toed heels. Dog lovers can pick from a variety of charms including poodle, terrier, corgi, or a sausage dog. For the whimsical there are charms shaped like Pegasus and flying pigs. And for the romantic there are plenty of heart styles as well as a crowned Frog Prince.

Since you can add and remove the charms easily, sweetie bracelets are very adaptable for any situation. You can wear without charms or maybe one or two classic styles for work or other professional events. Fun and cute charms can be added for a party, while loving charms are perfect for a quiet dinner for two. As the bracelet is so adaptable it saves costs since you don’t have to buy a different bracelet for each kind of situation. You just change your charms.

Sweetie bracelets are flexible and have an expandable diameter so they fit almost any size wrist. This makes them very comfortable so you can wear them all day without it pinching. Due to the fact they come in different sizes, it’s possible to get a perfect fit. There are even scaled down bracelets for the smaller wrists of young girls and teenagers, plus there are plenty of charms that are perfect for younger wearers.

As sweetie bracelets are loved by all age groups they can make a great gift for just about anyone. Since they come in a variety of materials you can find one that matches her style. For an event like a university graduation you can give one with the graduation cap charm. Or remember the teen’s special birthday with a bracelet dangling a sweet 16 charm. There are even Christmas charms like snowflakes and jingle bells.

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