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A person can do extremely well in that period mainly because their minds are free from other troubles of life. They cannot improve even in their academics if they are not provided the scope to enjoy a break from the black and white letters. Studying throughout the 12 months only brings boredom and abhor to the students. Parents think their child will improve more and more in academics but unfortunately, they get the opposite result.

This is a great habit but parents face a problem with young children here. The problem is that children are bored with reading in school. To initiate them into this habit, ask them to compare a book and the movie adapted from it. This makes reading a fun activity.

1. Rest. As much as you won’t like laying around on a beautiful sunny, summer day, it really is the best thing to help you get over a summer cold faster. As I said earlier, too much activity in the hot sun can actually cause you to get worse.

- Road trip – A road trip with your loved one will be truly different from a road trip with your friends. While it may be equally fun, the moments and the conversations inside the car will be different. Ranging from serious ones, to small talk to just kidding around, a road trip may present a different perspective and show the other side of your significant other.

Manali: Nestled at the northern end of Kullu Valley, at a height of 2050m, Manali is one of the most sought after spots for summer holidays. Surrounded by dense green jungles, cool colorful mountains and snow-laden terrains, Manali boasts amazing natural beauty. The Beas River crosses by Manali, adding more to aesthetic grace of the town. Manali is a holiday spot for all – from honeymooners to nature-lovers and adventure buffs of all abilities. Breathtaking mountains views, scenic road to Ladakh via Lahaul and Spiti Valley and Beas Kund are major attractions of a Manali trip. However, exciting adventures like white-water rafting and trekking leave the visitors enchanted at the end.

1. Camp with leadership: Many camps offer wonderful programs to help teens meet new people, make friends, and build their social and leadership skills. These skills are essential and are transferrable to all areas of life. Consider a program where you can build upon your existing skills.

2.Mommy's Little Helpers. Keeping your kids involved in the planning process will go a long way when you take your family vacation. Allow your older children to use the internet to discover what activities they are interested in and where they'd like to go. Then tell them to make a list of their top 9 ideas. Even if you don't choose any of their top 9 destinations, you can appease them with making sure they are able to do some of the activities they are interested in. Take notice of the things that bring your toddler joy on a daily basis. This will save you some time and actually get the bulk of the planning out of the way.