Car Overheating This Summer - Check Your Thermostat

Summer is the right time for water games and we can let our kids indulge in such games as much as they want without the fear of health consequences. An inflatable pool (or a baby pool) is a great pastime for kids. We can let them play games like catch and Frisbee in the inflatable pool.

2. Fluids. Drinking enough fluids is important to good health all the time. It’s even more important with a cold – especially in the high heat temperatures that can dehydrate you and compound your symptoms. I always recommend drinking half your body weight in water every day. During a summer cold, though, it’s good to add another 8-16 ounces due to sweating more. Avoid drinking too much caffeinated sodas or iced tea as they can also lead to dehydration.

Summer is indeed the best time to spend vacation. With the sunny weather, it is the perfect time to just relax and be rejuvenated. For couples, especially for those who are working at the office full-time, they take vacations or take a leave from the office during summer as this is the best time to get a vacation. Especially with great promotions and discounts from travel operators, people take advantage of these offers and schedule vacations during summer.

Summer vacations are meant to beat the heat and give you relax and rejuvenation away from hectic daily life. There are plenty of destinations in India, which offer great holiday experience during summers. Most of them are hill stations and boast gracious scenery and cool climatic conditions. If you too are planning a holiday this summer, following are some most-preferred options to visit.

2. Life coaching program with personal development: Life coaching programs offer personalized services helping teens to identify weaknesses and self-limiting beliefs that can keep them from creating a good life for themselves. Coaching typically assigns ‘homework’ where teens use their time to learn how their thoughts and beliefs affect their behaviour. Connecting these dots is usually the first step to taking responsibility and accountability for one’s actions.

3.Integrate Child Care. Many resorts and hotels today have child care services on location. When you begin to shop around for vacation packages, make sure you inquire about child care services in or near the destination. Moms can even take advantage of some dynamic Day Camps offered at resorts which are packed with exciting activities and a child-friendly staff. We understand that Moms have concerns about allowing strangers to care for their children, so if this is not for you, consider bringing along a fun, trust-worthy babysitter or family member to be responsible for monitoring your children while you all are on vacation. Many babysitters or family members will be willing to do this at no charge if you accommodate their housing, food, and entertainment for the duration of the vacation.